Our Story


    Back in 2014 on a hot summer day in NYC, we were grumbling about there not being a better way to rep our favorite hockey team's colors outside of a normal t-shirt in the summer.  We went over all the limitations of wearing a normal hockey "sweater" and began brainstorming ways to fix them.
    We grabbed our laptops, fired up Photoshop, and began designing a hockey top with the mission of making it wearable and practical, yet still fashionable and cool. The goal was to create something wearable for the beach, park, block party, even the game.  That's how the idea was born.
    We then started an Instagram account to see if anyone else thought about this as much as we did.  Turns out, many fans did.


    We immediately started getting questions about where someone could purchase these which set us on a new path - figuring out how to get these out to you!  After 4 long years of countless emails, phone calls, and long nights we were finally able to secure an NHL licensed partner which would allow us to legally get these out to you all!


    Your support, patience, and feedback are how we got here today,
    So thank you all, fans. We're here because of you and we're making these hockey tanks for you!


With love,
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