The year was 2014. It was a sweltering summer day in NYC. We were grumbling that hockey gear really only comes in two options: a cheap t-shirt, or a heavy sweater. We're all year fans. We need something that has all the intricacy of a high-end hockey "sweater", but with the sensibilities of a tank top for the hotter months. We grabbed our laptops, fired up Photoshop, and created some designs. Just like that, Bench Clearers was born. We created an Instagram account to share our idea, and it turns out a ton of you all were looking for the same sleeveless solution for hockey fits! So we kept going. Four years of emails, phone calls, and long nights later, and we were finally able to secure an NHL licensed partner to create our new hockey fits. The dream was becoming a reality, and the Bench Clearers fans were supporting us every step of the way.

      Today we have sold thousands of sleeveless Bench Clearers hockey fits to people all over the world. You've repped your BC team colors everywhere from Australia to Norway. You've worn them to Bahama beaches and Vegas clubs (lookin' at you, Lil Jon!). You've worn them while rappelling from the ceiling at a Tampa Bay Lightning game (Matt Ryan, you're a hero). And you've even worn them to your own wedding (congrats, Thiggins)! Your feedback, comments and continued support mean the world to us. Thank you all! #HailTheFan

- Joe Carson


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